Introducing: Group Intensives

Twice per month on Saturdays 10AM-12PM

Shira hosts Group Intensive sessions once per month to do a deep dive into different topics. 


Upcoming Intensives:

January 8, 2022: Understanding the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

January 22, 2022: Boundary Setting


February 5, 2022: Understanding the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

February 19, 2022: Single & Dating in era of dating apps


March 5, 2022 Understanding the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

March 19, 2022: Body Image & Disordered Eating


April 2, 2022: Understanding the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

April 16, 2022: Career Burnout


What are they?

Shira decided to create Intensives to make a space to learn, connect, host deep conversations and provide opportunity for insight and growth. There is  a lack of opportunity for deeper connection and depth of processing in present day. As an HSP herself, Shira is looking to foster more opportunities for others who crave depth of processing and connection by hosting a space for learning, connection and growth. Each Intensive will have:

  • A specific topic related to mental health and personal growth

  • Space to learn and ask questions

  • Space for connection with others

  • Plenty of time for deep conversation

  • Opportunity to support others

  • Opportunity to bring your own struggles to the group for assistance

  • Activities to prompt growth and insight

Who are they for? 

Intensives are for adults looking to learn and grow. You can attend one or all of the intensives, so long as you reserve a spot.

Who is eligible to attend?

Unfortunately, if you are a therapy client who works with Shira you are NOT eligible to attend intensives to maintain protection of the therapeutic relationship.

Intensives are open to adults ages 18+. Online Intensives are open to participants in any location, as long as you can make the 10AM -12PM CST sessions work.

Since intensives are NOT therapy sessions, confidentiality is not guaranteed. Therefore, you are able to attend with friends, family members and colleagues if you wish. 


If you see a *Mental Health Professionals Only* on the calendar, you MUST be a mental health professional to attend. 

What do they cost?

Each 2-hour intensive costs $100 per person.

How are they held?

The intensives will take place online via video sessions.

Future intensives will be held in-person in the central Austin, TX area. 

How many people will be in attendance?

Attendance limits are noted next to each calendar listing (depending on the topic). Guest hosts may be involved alongside Shira.

What does an intensive look like?

Each intensive will last 2 hours. A mental health subject will be introduced with space for psychoeducation (learning), in-session activities, open discussion with prompts, problem solving for individuals with opportunity to provide suggestions to other participants, and time for questions.

How do I register?

Step 1: Complete an interest form here. 

Step 2: After reviewing your interest form, Shira will let you know if you are then eligible to attend any intensive. Once eligible, you do not have to re-do the screening each time. You will then be eligible to complete the registration form for the specific intensive(s) you have interest in attending. 

For any further questions, feel free to complete an interest form to set up a call or email Shira at

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