About the group:
This is an ongoing process group for those who identify as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Empaths, or sensitive souls.

What is a process group? 
Process groups provide an environment to process through all of life's obstacles, thoughts, experiences, and more. Share what you're struggling with or thinking about with like-minded individuals in a space guided by a licensed professional counselor.

Each member will have time to both share and provide feedback to other members. There will be space for psychoeducation from Shira Klazmer on the HSP personality trait, navigating the world as a sensitive or empathic person, and other topics the group would like more guidance on. 

Group provides opportunity to connect, share, receive support, and be seen. 
Read more about the benefits here.

What are the logistic details?
Starting Wednesday, October 5, 2022. Group will run on a weekly basis (Wednesdays 6pm-7:30pm) in person in Northwest Hills at Shira's office. Group costs $65 per session. Members are able to attend weekly or as needed. Members will be required to reserve a spot in advance as the group will max out at 8 participants each week. New members may join as openings come available.

Who can join?
Adults ages 18+ who identify with HSP personality trait, are empaths by nature, or who feel they are sensitive souls. All participants must complete a screening with Shira Klazmer prior to joining to ensure they are a good fit for group.

Unsure if you are highly sensitive? Find out more.

Next steps:
If you are interested in learning more or reserving a spot, set up a complimentary screening call by completing the inquiry form on this page.

Questions before completing form? 
Email shira@shiraklazmer.com


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