Parenting is hard work! There clearly isn't a handbook of steps to follow in order to know exactly what to do in every situation. Each child has their own set of needs and challenges. I'm here to ease some of the stress and help guide you on this rewarding, and at times overwhelming, journey.


I enjoy working with parents to utilize positive discipline in raising their children. Positive discipline incorporates the child as a whole person, understanding that each child desires connection, love and understanding instead of punishment or withheld affection. I also focus on the identify of each child and how that individual identity requires a specific set of needs from each parent. 


I enjoy problem-solving and brainstorming with parents on new ways to approach difficult or challenging parenting dilemmas. Parenting is a full-time job, and comes with plenty of ups and downs. I'm here to support you as you develop a parenting style that works for each child. 

I also specialize in working with parents of HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) children. 


Sometimes it's necessary to have more than one person in the room for therapy. Family therapy is a wonderful option for those who are struggling to communicate with family members, overcoming a dilemma with a particular family member, or for families who simply want to work on connecting on a deeper level.

A family is a system. When one member of that system is going through turmoil, it throws off the flow of the rest of the system. I am here to assist in guiding you back to a place of equilibrium. That may look like the place your family was in before the turmoil, or it may be a wonderful, new place that you have yet to discover. Families adapt together.

Family therapy may consist of two parents and their children, adult siblings, a grandparent and grandchild, a few people who aren't biologically related at all,  an adult child and their elder parent, one parent and one child, or any other variety of combinations. I welcome all presenting families in whichever way "family" is defined for you.

When working with more than one person in the room, I work to help each person identify unmet needs and clearly communicate those needs to other parties present. This entails identifying the patterns that have developed that are not serving the family, and hence, need to be broken. I will help guide you as we break those unhealthy patterns and create new and healthy dynamics that work for each person. For more information on how family therapy may be beneficial for you, please schedule a free phone consult or email me with questions.