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Highly Sensitive Therapist's Top 3 Favorite Fidget Toys of 2022

As a sensitive person, I am pretty much always fidgeting in some way. I identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). This means i'm highly attuned to my environment, my 5 senses are heightened, and I feel things very deeply. Smell happens to be one of my most sensitive senses. If I'm in a space that smells funky or too strong, I benefit from having a fidget toy on hand to help myself regulate. During therapy sessions, I often have a fidget toy in hand to make sure I'm present and regulated. I'm pretty particular about the texture, weight, and movement sensation of fidget toys. For me to make suggestions means I must REALLY be a fan of these fidgets.

Here are my favorites as of October 2022 and the fidgets I reach for the most (these are NOT affiliate links and are genuine suggestions in hopes they may be helpful for others):

  1. Palm Tangle

This is definitely a two-hand fidget toy and has a smooth sensory experience. Tangle also makes other versions that are smaller and/or have different textures to them.

2. Ono Roller Junior

This is my newest discovery and can be used with one or two hands. For those who need something for one hand fidgeting, I would highly suggest this one. I like the Junior size as I have smaller hands. It rolls very smoothly and the sensation is very relaxing and soothing. They do make a mini size and a larger size as well as a stainless steel option.

3. Acupressure Rings

These are like little mini massages for your fingers. I would classify this as a two-hand fidget toy. You use one hand to hold the ring as you roll it on your fingers. I imagine there are ways to do this one-handed as well. They are a bit rough in texture, as is intended, to provide the acupressure to your fingers.

Also worth mentioning: puppies, soft pillows, or blankets are always going to be top contenders for me as well. If I don't have a fidget toy, I often need a soft pillow, soft blanket or one of my dog's on my lap to pet. I enjoy running my fingers along the soft texture or through my dog's fur. The weight of my dogs helps as well, and a bonus for the pillow or blanket is if they are also weighted!

If you have any favorites that aren't too sticky, smelly or noisy, feel free to send suggestions my way :)


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