HSP therapy for teens

I work with teenagers who identify as Highly Sensitive People (HSP). To learn more about this trait, click here. Working with teenagers is a true passion of mine. Teens are at such an influential stage of their lives. Their brains are rapidly developing and they are full of impulse, risk, yearning, creativity, and awareness. The pressure that teens today endure is vast, which makes their need for connection and support even greater. This can be uniquely challenging for the Highly Sensitive teenager, as the navigation of their world is often full of higher levels of stimulation, emotion and challenges. I share my story of being Highly Sensitive with the teens I work with and note how helpful it would have been to have the tools I have now as I navigated my adolescence and beyond. 


Teens go through each day being told what to do by all of the adults in their lives: parents, teachers, authority figures, friends' parents, coaches, and more. Therapy provides a place for a teen to get to call all of the shots and not have to worry about making mistakes. With me, teens get to be themselves and not get judged for it. I provide a fun, creative, humorous, and safe atmosphere for teens to share anything they'd like to.


It can be extremely scary to talk to a stranger, so I try my best to accommodate the needs of each teen and work collaboratively with them to make sure they get what THEY want out of each session. 

Sometimes teens just want someone to "believe" them at their word and see them clearly. I'm here to do that. 

I work with teens of all sexual and gender identities. Everyone is welcome.